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A Little about The Fogg

The Fogg, a magnificent vacation home is located in Himachal Pradesh. The Fogg is based on a hill top at height of approx 1800 mts. A stay at our well furnished and cosyhome is a best way to experience the most alluring, stress-free stay with authenticity and culture. We provide home-like comfort to our guests. It’s a place where you can experience solitude and serenity. Go out for walks in the secluded mountainsorpine forest or you can sit just sit back in the sun with a book in hand and relax. Reconnect and rejuvenate with nature.

Where the plush mountains, dense forests and snowcapped peaks are your next door neighbors. Where the lights of a hundred thousand stars switch on automatically at nightfall. And the towering cliffs challenge you to heights where only eagles dare.

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The Fogg is based on a hill top at height of approx 1800 mts with 360 degrees view. It is within 4:30 hours reach from New Delhi 1:30 hour from Chandigarh and equally accessible from Dehradun and Shimla. It enjoys close proximity with various tourist attractions like Historical Jaitak Fort, Renukaji lake, Badolia Waterfalls, Giri river, Lion safari and Suketi Fossil Park.

The Fogg has fully furnished four bedrooms and a plush Living cum Dinning Room that is surrounded by garden from all the sides. The Bedrooms offer breath taking views of Nahan valley on one side and snow covered Churdhar Peaks on another. It also has fully equipped kitchen, library with choicest collection of books for all ages and a sun deck with loungers for sun bathing. The open terrace with traditional Khaats offers an opportunity for enjoing rain, Fogg and observing the vast expense of galaxy and star gazing at night. The Fogg also has a separate accommodation for drivers, cooks etc.

Daily need items and other grocery products can be provided locally as per your choice and comfort. Our vegetables are supplied from local farmers-Organic and Fresh.

If you would like us to arrange for meals to be cooked on site, Kindly provide us with minimum 1 week's notice.

A Little about Jamta

Jamta village is sparsely populated and the only people you can hope to see would be the local villagers. People are very welcoming and their warm warm heartedness will make you feel at home. Once at the venue we would encourage you to take nature walks and explore the surrounding local area. Also interacting with the locals and browsing the tiny village market would be a good idea.

If you want to feel sporty,you can consider a trek upto Historical Jaitak Fort. The fort is believed to have been constructed out of the material which was recovered from the destroyed and devastated Nahan Fort in 1810. The Gurkha leader Ranjor Singh Thapa and his men had attacked and ransacked Nahan fort and Palace and constructed this majestic Jaitak fort atop the Jaitak hill. Its location atop the highest mountain in the region affords a breathtaking view of the surrounding beauty.Half way through the trek, take a halt at a small temple that houses hundreds of year old mythological idols.

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