Indoor/Outdoor Facilities

We have built our home to ensure that each room has its own view of the valley and the mountains beyond.

The entire grounds of the property, and the various decks and gardens, are yours to enjoy. A TV and HD satellite dish connection in the family room means you don't have to miss that sports event or serial that you want to watch. Also the dedicated power back-up is avialable that means you can continue with your leisure. Even better, you can relax on the rope hammock in the garden or on the loungers, the deck with a nice book from our library or have a game night with family and friends (Badminton, Table tennis, Carrom board, Tambola and Cards).

Drawing Room cum Dining Room

The drawing room is an airy and glass fronted room, which opens on to a lush green garden with a commanding view of the mountains beyond. The large dining table seats 6 people at a time - up to 8 if you can all squeeze in! The table is big enough to double up as a table tennis table if you are interested in having a round or two This room, like the others, has large plate glass windows that allow in lots of light, and an unrestricted view of the mountains.


Domestic staff / Drivers

Separate accommodation is available for your drivers and domestic staff, if they travel with you. This is in the main helpers’ quarter, near the main gate to the property.

During your stay, please do keep in mind that while we're delighted to have you as guests, it is a home we have built with love and passion. Please respect and look after it while you enjoy it - as you would your own home!

Note: The rooms can not accommodate an extra bed hence it is requested to book an extra room for kids above 5. If you book less, there may be other guests staying on the property when you visit and we may not be able to provide you with an extra room.

Also in case other guest are in home, meals will be served at pre-determined times, and the menu will be common for all guests. Our staff will diligently work for you to ensure you are well-served and your wishes are catered to!

To know more about our packages, Please contact us on info@thefogg.in

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