Neighbourhood of The Fogg

Jaitak Fort

A monumental splend our Jaitak Fort is a hill fortress situated in Jaitak hill of Sirmour District, near Nahan. It was constructed by Ranjor Singh Thapa, the Gurkha leader, when he attacked and sacked Nahan in about AD 1810. The fort was built with materials removed from Nahan Fort and Palace. It commands a fine view of the Sain, Nahan and Dharthi hills. Situated about 15 km to the north of Nahan, Jamta falls on the Nahan-Dadahu motorable road. An ascent of about 1.5km has to be negotiated form the property to get to Jaitak. The hill castle Jaitak is magnificent due to its location and offers a breathtaking valley view and scenic and impressive majestic surroundings due to its strategic setting.

Renuka Ji Lake Himachal

A short scenic drive from The Fogg will take you to The Renuka Lake which is the largest natural lake in Himachal Pradesh and a very famous shrine of north India, besieged with dense forest. Apart from being a popular homestay near Nahan , Renukaji has a wild life sanctuary which covers an area of about 30 sq. kms. with a buffer belt of 2 sq. kms. After spending a peaceful night at the nature homestay in Jamta it will be a pleasant change to have a glimpse of wildlife in its most magnificent form – exemplified by the Asiatic Lion. A number of Black Bears, Barking Deer, Gorals, Jackals and Leopards. The feathered friends you will meet will include Parakeets, Barbets, Wild Fowls, Spotted Deer and the Geese. You will also encounter exotic fishes and will relish feeding them. The Valley view is ethereal and boating seems like sailing in paradise. Trekking is an additional attraction of Renukaji. If you are keen to know the history of Renuka Lake then you will have to go through the chronicles of the Rig-Vedic period. It is believed that sage Jamdagini was killed by demon Sahasarjuna and tried to abduct his wife Renuka. In order to get rid of the devil she dived into the water. The Gods later saved her life and due to this very factor the lake is regarded as her embodiment. The lake, with a profile of a sleeping woman, has a circumference of 2.5 km. It is interesting to know that Renukaji is mother of legend Parsu Ram (A sage known for his anger) The people from adjoining areas throng here during Renuka fair and take a dip in the holy water of the lake. Being in proximity to the nature homestay and in the midst of pine forest range Renuka experiences a pleasant climate throughout the year.

Nahan City

Nahan is atypical small hilly town set up at an altitude of 3500 ft where you can enjoy a decent dinner at restaurants, shop for local stuff or just take a stroll on the Mall while enjoying fresh juice or ice creams.. Nahan does have its share of history with battles fought in the surrounding mountains and a legacy of kings and royal tenure. Villa round is a place which excites every nature lover with greenery in abundance and a short trek and walking track that makes it peoples’ favourite .The climate is always favourable and people are warm and hospitable. If you love fresh veggies then you will find the local vegetable market extremely alluring. The drive A scenic drive through the mountain roads with breathtaking valley view, step farmed fields and clouds as companions takes you from Nahan to The Fogg.

River & Water Fall

The thirst for nature can be quenched by enchanting valley views and beautiful waterfalls of himachal. “The Fogg” experience will take you to Badolia water fall which are temporary waterfalls at a height of nearly 100-ft, flowing down through a pebbled bed which after crossing the bridge submerges with a mountain river. The Fogg takes you through diverse enthralling ecological experiences and Badolia waterfalls marks one of the delightful happenstances. The adventure lovers can also take steep trek to the mouth of the waterfall (not suggested for kids and weak hearted or physically misfit).

Churdhar Peak

The Fogg heightens the pleasure of the deep breath of fresh mountain air - as it leads you to the wondrous Chur Dhar Peak which is the high point of district Sirmour rising to an elevation of 3647 m above the sea level. This mountain is an important religious place for all the people residing here and around Shimla. It is one of the Shivalik ranges at a height of 11965 feet, and is the highest peak in southern Himachal Pradesh. Churdhar , also known as Churchandni (Bangle of Snow), is known for its spectacular landscapes and valley views. A well-managed trekking tours steep trailing through grassy and rocky path then through easy and moderate gradients and from there on to the very steep last part, almost vertical - would excite the adventurer in you. The spectacle from the summit offers a panorama of lowland tracts towards the south and snow-capped ranges, including the peaks of Badrinath and Kedarnath in the Garhwal region, towards the north. It is believed that this is the very place where Hanuman discovered the life-restoring Sanjivinibooti, which revived Lakshmana,Lord Rama’s younger brother. And if archaeology interests you, then ruins of an ancient town discovered at the nearby Dundi Devi will excite you Churdhar experience will accentuate the natural instinctive essence in your persona as you cast your eye on extensive valley view, get a feel of the herbs and alpine flora covering these Himalayan slopes and also experience the fauna in the valley including the monal ( Himachal’s state bird) along with koklass and kaleej pheasants. Haripurdhar Nohradhar and Chaupal near Jamta are the three bases for the trek to Churdar peak. Nohradhar is the most popular base for the Churdhar trek at a distance of about 3:30 hrs from Jamta. The trek route to Churdhar from Nohradhar is approximately 16 kms long and will take about 7-9 hrs to complete.The trip has to be pre arranged with tour operators.

Suketi Fossil Park

A rejuvenating experience at “The Fogg” would bring out the interest in relics and entices you to visit the suketi fossil park sirmour near Nahan also known as shivalik fossil park in the Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the very few fossil park in india & the only fossil park in himachal It has a collection of prehistoric vertebrate fossils and skeletons recovered from the upper and middle Siwaliks geological formations of sandstones and clay. The park has a display of the fossil finds and an open-air exhibition of six life-sized fiberglass models of extinct mammals. A museum, within the precincts of the park exhibits the interesting remains. Shivalik is Asia's biggest fossil park. The nature homestay in the pine forest range revives your multiple pursuits and also generates a scientific interest in people by facilitating special international studies for the visiting research scholars from all over the world.

Bhureshwar Mahadev Mandir

The spiritual essence is triggered in the environs of “The Fogg” and divinity is not far away from this nature homestay. A sacred chord is struck as you embark on a visit to Bhureshwar Mahadev, another religious and tourist destination in Sirmour district, situated on a mountain peak. Along with the blessings of Mahadev it offers a peaceful valley view. It is situated near Sarahan on the Nahan - Solan state highway. There is a legend about this place that from here Mata Parvati and Lord Shiva witnessed the war of Kurukshetra between Kauravas and Pandavas as described in the Mahabharata. The unique landscape, sky high mountains and deep valleys will give you the feel of Heaven on Earth.

Pauriwala Shiv Mandir

The mystic Pauriwala is just 45 minutes away from The Fogg. Folklore says that once Lord Shiv Shankar on Lankapati Ravan's immense austerity granted him the wish to become Amar(immortal) on condition if he could make 5 swarg ki seedhi in one day. So he started making from the 'Har Ki Pauri' at Haridwar which was the first swarg ki sidi. Then he made this second swarg ki seedhi which is called as 'Pauri Wala'. The 3rd was 'Chooreshwar Mahadev' and the 4th 'Kinner Kailash'. After this he slept and could not complete the fifth on the same day and remained deprived of Amarta.

It is believed that in this Lord Shiva is present in the Shivling of Pauri Wala and who so ever wishes with a true heart for something in front of this Shivling, the wish gets fulfilled.

Amazingly the residents around and the tapaspis are observing this Shivling to grow by the size of just a rice grain by every Shivratri. However the saakshaat darshan of this great Shivling is a mesmarizing experience for the believers above all.

Paonta Sahib

The mountain can also call for a religious cause. The relaxed mindset at hill station near paonta sahib “The Fogg” would open your heart to seeking Guru’s blessings at Paonta Sahib which is travelled by huge number of Sikh and Hindu pilgrims every year. Located at a distance of 45 km from Nahan on Shimla- Nahan - Dehra Dun road, the city of Paonta Sahib is overlooked by the river Yamuna. The historical city of Paonta Sahib houses a famous Gurudwara build in the memory of Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs. A few miles away from the nature resort surrounded by lush green forest of Sal trees, the Paonta Sahib also attracts tourists for its scenic beauty and the majestic view of gushing Yamuna river. The site of Paonta Sahib is easily accessible by road from RenukaJi, which is 81 km via Nahan and 60 km via Rajban. As far as climatic condition is concerned, Paonta Sahib witness cold and chill winter (heavy woolen clothes are needed), whereas summers are comparatively hot, which requires light cotton cloth. The “The Fogg” with it peaceful foot hold would fully facilitate your quest and travel for a spiritual cause.

Lord Vishnu ji Temple

One of the unexplored Lord Vishnu ji Temple in the lap of the Himalaya, is worshipped with complete devotion. The most surprising element of this temple is the digged out stone sculpture of Lord Vishnu, and eye-catching designs of various status that forms naturally. The way to the temple offers the typical scenic view of a trek covered with green forest, ridges and lofty Himalayan peaks. The temple is located on green meadows above the lofty hill and enclosed by the sky- touching the Himalayan mountains from all sides. One can feel the spiritual vibe present in the air once one reaches the temple premise. While trekking from “The Fogg” towards the temple, one can witness a cool weather while the abundant greenery leaves a soothing effect on the eyes of the nearby mountains. The Himalaya, the plot of innumerable myths and mysticism attracts each type of visitors from across the globe. So, choose your pick and plan with “The Fogg” to head towards the land where serenity embraces even the most challenging route.

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